Kyle Turley performance at Varsity in Baton Rouge

By Samantha Morgan - News Desk Manager
Friday, July 23, 2010 - 9:51pm

Former Saints lineman Kyle Turley may have stepped off the football field three years ago, but he hasn’t given up his place in the spotlight. The hands once used for tackling are now strumming powerful southern rock tunes that have a country rock edge.

“Nobody’s been able to put their finger on it,” Turley said about his music during an interview with NBC33 News reporter Emily Turner. “Best association I can think of is Leonard Skinner one of the greatest bands of all time."

On Thursday, July 22, Turley performed in Baton Rouge at the Varsity Theatre to promote his new album, Anger Management. Full of lyrics about football, good times and his experiences in New Orleans, the six feet five inches tall football star said his new career has been as big of a challenge as any other he’s faced in his life.

"It’s a hard road,” Turley said. “Music is another one of those mountains to climb. It’s not just, ‘Oh you’re Kyle Turley and you’re gonna be a country singer?’ There are a million other people out there doing it just like football."

But Turley doesn’t shy away from his past. During his set, he talked about the Saints and asked if any football fans were in crowd. Of course, there were, and they were sporting 68 jerseys in his honor.

As for his future, Turley hopes to return to the field. When he does, however, he will not be playing in the game, but rather, performing for it.

“Going in front of eighty thousand people in the superdome is a pretty special experience and hopefully I can get back to that,” he said. “I think I’m talented enough and hopefully I can play in a halftime show."

Whether there because of his football past, or his country rock future, fans who came out had a great time. Opening act Robert Fortune Band got everyone reved up with their powerful set that kicked off the night. Although Turley will probably remain on the road for some time, you can expect to see RFB performing in the area soon. The band is located out of New Orleans.

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